About Us

With today’s busy lifestyles, it’s hard to give your car the care and attention it needs. And regular car wash services can be expensive! That’s why we’re offering an affordable alternative to car wash services.

We’ll clean your car for a fraction of the price of other car wash services, and we guarantee you’ll love the result. So why not give us a try today? Our services are available in your area, so call today or book online!

Our Story

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I have been taking my car to Vik and the team at Autoclean for many years now. They are very thorough with the work they do on the exterior and interior. I would not hesitate in recommending them.

– Jason East

“Autoclean was so great! My vehicle is sparkling clean and they were so lovely and accommodating. Thanks so much, Autoclean!”

– Allana Mulqueen

I am a member of autoclean wash club and very happy with the service and the efficiency. highly recommend.

– Lawrence Dana

Thank you Vikram and the team for cleaning my car. It has not been throughly cleaned since before lockdown. It has been so well cared for and smells brand new! A big thank you!

– Jess Stanley

“Selling my car in a couple of weeks and had the car fully detailed and wow it looks brand new. Would highly recommend.”

– Leigh Connell

“Good service, great people, fantastic job cheap and reliable.”

– Paul Doutsas

“I have had my car cleaned at Autoclean a number of times now and highly recommend! Excellent communication and immaculate service all around. Thanks, Vik.”

– Danni Thompson

Friendly hard-working staff, incredible attention to detail, and great prices. Very impressed.

– Tim Wilson

Fall in love with your car again

The tendency for car owners is to wash their cars themselves, and while doing so, they miss the important places that need to have attention. The consequences of this could be hazardous to the car’s health.

There are technicians at our car wash center who know exactly where these important places are and expertly clean them. You won’t have to wonder if you’re doing it right or not because they will be there to make sure your car leaves their services squeaky clean.