Expert Car Wash and Detailing
Services in Chirnside Park

At Autoclean, our team is the heart of our success. Comprised of dedicated car care enthusiasts, they bring a wealth of experience and a genuine love for the art of car washing and detailing. With their extensive training, insurance coverage, and background checks, you can trust that you’re in safe hands.

Our confidence in delivering exceptional service is unwavering, which is why we stand proudly behind our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for our Chirnside Park car wash service. If, for any reason, you find yourself less than satisfied, rest assured we’ll make it right, without any additional cost to you.

At Autoclean, we offer a distinctive semi-automatic car wash experience that sets us apart in Australia. Our unique approach combines the convenience of automatic car washing with the attention to detail you’d expect from a manual wash. We ensure that every nook and cranny of your car shines when you drive away. We provide the kind of car care that every vehicle should enjoy.

Our dedicated team of car washing experts ensures that each vehicle is meticulously hand-washed using high-quality wax for a lasting shine. With our specialty detailing packages, tailored to suit your specific needs, we go the extra mile to provide you with a comprehensive car care experience. Say goodbye to dirt, grime, and smudge, and welcome a pristine and polished vehicle.


What We Do

We provide professional hand car wash and detailing services in Chirnside Park.

Who We Do It For

We cater to car owners in Chirnside Park who value convenience and top-quality car care.

What They Get from the Service?

Our customers receive a thorough, expertly done car wash, detailing, and paint protection services that leave their vehicles looking immaculate while saving them time and effort.

Transform Your Vehicle with Our Services

Car Full Detailing

Our Car Full Detailing service takes your vehicle to a whole new level of cleanliness and aesthetics. From an extensive exterior wash and wax, paint correction, and headlight restoration to interior vacuuming, deep cleaning, and odor elimination, our experts leave no stone unturned. Our Car Full Detailing service will have your car looking and feeling brand new.

Car Cut & Polishing

Restore the luster and gloss of your car’s paintwork with our Car Cut and Polishing service. Our skilled technicians use professional-grade compounds and polishers to eliminate scratches, swirls, and imperfections, leaving your car’s exterior looking brand new. Let us bring back the showroom shine and protect your paint from future damage.

Car Interior Steam Cleaning & Detailing

Experience the joy of a spotless and fresh-smelling car interior with our Car Interior Steam Cleaning and Detailing service. Our professional steam cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products thoroughly sanitize and rejuvenate your car’s upholstery, carpets, vents, and dashboard. Enjoy a clean and healthy environment during your rides.

Car Paint Protection

Preserve the beauty and integrity of your car’s paintwork with our Car Paint Protection service. We apply advanced ceramic coatings and sealants that provide long-lasting protection against environmental elements, UV rays, and contaminants. Our paint protection ensures that your car remains shiny, glossy, and shielded from damage over time.

Welcoming Everyone from Croydon,
Yarra Valley, and Mooroolbark

For our valued customers in Croydon, Yarra Valley, and Mooroolbark, AutoClean is your trusted partner in maintaining the flawless appearance of your vehicle. Our Chirnside Park location offers seamless excellence, ensuring your car receives the highest quality care. Whether you’re in need of a quick wash or a detailing session, our skilled team is ready to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. Trust AutoClean to renovate your ride, no matter where you call home.

It’s important to note that AutoClean operates exclusively from its Chirnside Park location. Despite having just one branch, we are dedicated to serving our customers from Croydon, Yarra Valley, Mooroolbark, and beyond with the highest standard of care. We invite you to visit us today and let AutoClean redefine your car wash experience. Trust us to provide unrivaled attention to detail and a level of service that will leave your vehicle looking and feeling its absolute best. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your beloved vehicle.

Why Not Save More on Your Ride’s Care? Why Not Join Car Washz Club?

Tired of your car being dirty all the time? Hate waiting in long lines at regular car washes? Say hello to Car Washz Club – the premium car wash service that keeps your car looking great and makes your life easier. Why Choose Car Washz Club? Well, with Car Washz Club, you get a top-notch car wash without the wait and hassle. Our subscription service is simple and cost-effective. Just think of it as a membership that saves you from long queues and also gives better saving opportunities, what else can you ask for?

Our premium membership comes in three different plans:

  • Express Wash
  • Ultimate Wash
  • Alpha Wash

You can choose any one of these according to your needs and preferences, and we assure you of some great features with your membership:

  • Unlimited Car Wash
  • Greater Savings
  • No Waiting in Queues
  • Open 7 Days a Week
  • Every Sunday is a members-first day

So, what’s holding you back? Rush to your local car wash, AutoClean, today to sign up for the CAR WASHZ CLUB membership.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Vehicle: Trust Autoclean’s Expert Car Wash Specialists!

Discover the difference that comes with the hands of experienced car wash specialists. Let Autoclean unlock the full potential of your vehicle’s appearance and maintenance.
“I have been taking my car to Vik and the team at Autoclean for many years now. They are very thorough with the work they do on the exterior and interior. I would not hesitate in recommending them.”

– Jason East

“Autoclean was so great! My vehicle is sparkling clean and they were so lovely and accommodating. Thanks so much, Autoclean!”

– Allana Mulqueen

“I am a member of autoclean wash club and very happy with the service and the efficiency. highly recommend.”

– Lawrence Dana

“Thank you Vikram and the team for cleaning my car. It has not been throughly cleaned since before lockdown. It has been so well cared for and smells brand new! A big thank you!”

– Jess Stanley

“Selling my car in a couple of weeks and had the car fully detailed and wow it looks brand new. Would highly recommend.”

– Leigh Connell

“Good service, great people, fantastic job cheap and reliable.”

– Paul Doutsas

“I have had my car cleaned at Autoclean a number of times now and highly recommend! Excellent communication and immaculate service all around. Thanks, Vik.”

– Danni Thompson

“Friendly hard-working staff, incredible attention to detail, and great prices. Very impressed.”

– Tim Wilson

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a typical car wash and detailing session take?
The duration depends on the specific service and the condition of your vehicle. Generally, a thorough hand car wash and detailing session can range from 1 to 3 hours.
Is your car wash and detailing service available on weekends?
Yes, we provide our services throughout the week, including weekends, to accommodate our customers’ busy schedules.
What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly request a notice of at least 24 hours in advance.
Do you provide services for commercial fleets or multiple vehicles?
Yes, we have experience in servicing commercial fleets and can offer customized packages to suit your fleet’s specific requirements.
Are your products safe for my vehicle's paintwork?
Absolutely! We use only high-quality, industry-approved products that are gentle yet effective in maintaining the integrity of your car’s paint and finishes.
Can you remove tough stains or odors from my car's upholstery?
Yes, our Car Interior Steam Cleaning and detailing service is specially designed to eliminate tough stains, spills, and odors, leaving your car’s interior fresh and clean.
Do you offer any additional maintenance services?
Apart from our car wash and detailing services, we also offer periodic maintenance packages to keep your vehicle looking its best between professional cleanings.
Is your team trained and insured?
Yes, our team comprises trained professionals with extensive experience in car washing and detailing. We are also fully insured for your peace of mind.